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LCT-C What Does This Mean For YOU? 

LCT-C (Licenced Counselling Therapist-Candidate) identifies that I align with CCTNB board standards. During the first few years of practice, CCTNB requires that I follow a supervisor to ensure I provide clients with the best care. Due to LCT-C status, my services should be covered by most private billing plans. If you do not have health coverage, I am willing to work with you to find a price point that works for both parties, so please reach out if this is the case. It is my desire to make mental health care accessible for those that need support. LCT-C is an equivelent of RCT-C therefore most plans that cover RCT-C should also cover LCT-C. Sometimes there is a step or two that needs to be completed on my part before your insurance company allows you to submit your receipt, if this is the case please reach out to me directly. 

Approved Provider With:
- Sunlife, BlueCross, Manulife, Etc. 

- Victim Services (VS), Veterans Affairs (VAC), Canadian Immigrations (CIC)

- Homewood Healthcare, Arete 


- Please confirm coverage with your insurance plan before booking your first appointment. Direct Billing is not offered at this time, so you must pay for your session and then submit your receipt for reimbursement.

- All insurance plans are different; therefore, it is up to the discretion of the client/purchaser to verify that their insurance company will cover their counselling sessions. Raised Resilience will not be held responsible if the insurance company does not accept your reimbursement claim.

- Appointment times are reserved for you; therefore, in the case of a missed appointment, fees will be invoiced for the full amount of the session. Clients needing to cancel or change an appointment are required to provide twenty-four-hour notice. The client will be charged a $100.00 cancellation fee if 24-hour notice is not provided. 

- Due to unexpected situations or challenging weather conditions, all sessions will be reassigned to virtual meetings. All reassigned cases will be charged the appropriate fee for virtual services (135 plus tax). 

- Please get in touch with Lauren directly before booking the date of your first appointment

If, for any reason, you cannot afford our services, please reach out to Lauren to discuss your situation further. If deemed appropriate, a new cost per session may be agreed upon. I request that you take this option on the case that you do need counselling services but could use some assistance with the costs required so I can continue to benefit those that are in need of assistance. It is my desire to make mental health care accessible for those that need support.


Therapy Bundles

Session bundles are a great way to get the maximum benefit from your therapy while also saving on some of the costs.With the typical client being in therapy for a minimum of 6 - 12 sessions, it can quickly become very expensive. Perhaps consider one of these therapy bundles to make sure you are getting the optimal benefit and services.

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