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Building Resilience

Life is full of challenging and painful moments. While we may be unable to control these moments that happen to us, I believe that healing is a choice. You can choose to process what has happened to you, learn what you can from it, apply the lessons, and move forward with newfound strength. People often seek counselling at their low points in life, and here at Raised Resilience, I am is here to support you when you need it most. I want to show you that it is safe to feel you to explore, express, and understand your emotions. Most importantly, I want to show you how strong you are! Whatever you

People often seek counselling at 


to heal.


I believe we can choose to learn from these experiences, and then continue moving forward from where we are now. 


I want to see you win. Life is full of painful moments. 



I have an existential approach to counselling, which means that I borrow different tools and strategies across modalities to best serve your specific needs. One of my favourite professors stated that: Rather than molding the client's needs to match the approach of a chosen modality, it is our job as professionals to modify our approach to match the presenting needs of the client. 

importance of individualized client care 




As your counsellor, I want to make sure you feel valued, heard, and welcomed

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